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Natural & Plant Based


So Delicious on…











Garlic Bread


Pasta Sauce


Salad Dressings


Egg Salad


Potato Salad


Deviled Eggs




French Fries


Mac & Cheese


Mashed Potatoes


Baked Potatoes


All Vegetables


Pasta Dishes




Beans / Legumes




Rice Dishes













Great on just about all moist (but not dry) proteins, starches and fats.


Tell us what you like to use it on...












Zest Up  Your Bland

Health Food! 



Even Kids Love it!

“Comfort Food & Healthy Finally Come Together!”


It's the warming feeling of comfort and satiety that makes it so addicting—not just the robust flavor.  Premium grade Matcha green tea also adds a touch of energy, and the high fiber keeps you feeling clean inside.  The combination of all 4 benefits is almost euphoric! 

Total harmony in a 100% natural vegan product is a very rare find!


TrimSpice’s mild blend is smooth so you can feel the warmth in your core without the burn.  When all of your flavor sensors are aroused at the same time, from hot to sweet,  it can make small meals more satiable so you don’t want to overeat.  It can also help transform the most bland health foods into zesty gourmet food.   It can be used in food preparation or to top any moist food; or as a rub for meats, seafood or poultry by adding equal parts of oil or water;  or add it to oil & vinegar to make a tasty salad dressing or a marinade.

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Premium Grade Matcha Green Tea 

contains 10x the metabolism-boosting catechins as

regular green tea

Turmeric breaks down fatty foods and

reduces inflammation

Hot & sweet peppers contain capsaicin, a

natural metabolism booster

Ground Mustard Seeds are a natural metabolism


Psyllium Husk Fiber helps absorb dietary fat, improve digestion and keep us feeling full and satisfied.  It also works as an all-natural anti-caking agent, instead of the chemical agents found in most spice blends.

O Add a Flavorful Zesty Kick to Food & Fill the Void

Convert Bland Health Food Into Satisfying Tastier Meals


O Satisfy the Appetite Sooner and Longer, Via Unique Flavor Blends and the Lasting Warmth it Creates in Your Body's Core. (warming, but not-too-hot)


O Fire up your Metabolism Naturally, and Just When you Need it the Most


O Provide Multiple Types of Fiber to Help Absorb Dietary Fat, Make Us Feel Full Sooner, Improve our Digestion to Feel Cleaner Inside.


“TrimSpice® is a Highly-Addictive Healthy Comfort Food



Best New Product






Adds rich color to foods naturally


No added colors or preservatives

No added sodium or sugar

Natural & Plant Based

Prebiotic Fiber (inulin), fuels the healthy flora in your gut, to boost your immune system and adds a touch of sweetness to the blend.

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Our  bodies are way smarter than many people give them credit for.  Never try to trick your body with unnatural chemically-infused products.


Satisfy your hunger and build your metabolism with real wholesome food instead, and your body will express its gratitude x 100%!

TrimSpice®  was designed to give you an extra metabolic boost, satisfy your palate and make you feel cleaner inside.

When you sprinkle on the rich flavor, with added thermogenic spices and herbs to your foods, you can deliciously

satisfy your appetite sooner. The warmth you feel in your core may keep you feeling satisfied longer as well.


The added fiber provides the feeling of fullness, absorbs dietary fat, and improves digestion & elimination.

Also, when you enhance the flavor of your food, you don’t need to add as much fat to make it taste good.


As it warms your core, it may feel like the hug that emotional eaters "really" needed when they turned to comfort

food to defer them from stress.


Fully satisfying your palate can help eliminate those phantom-cravings we sometimes get after a meal, because

something may have been missing from that meal, or the flavor was too bland.


Most TrimSpice®  users actually buy it for the flavor alone, but we have to warn you; all of the benefits combined

can make it very addicting.

Of course, we do not make any claims that this product will result in weight loss by using it alone with a calorie-intake higher than your body can metabolize, but we do believe that you might agree that it can help you improve your eating habits on your own, naturally and enjoyably.

Most TrimSpice®  users actually buy it for the flavor alone, but we have to warn you; all of the benefits combined can make it very addicting!


Since all ingredients are plant based, and not proprietary, we encourage you to research the benefits of each ingredient on the internet where scientific trials and studies are very accessible.

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Natural Plant Based Ingredients

Patent Pending


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Awaken your Taste Buds with Rich Flavor & Feel the Warmth in your Core as you incidentally Fire up your Metabolism and get your Healthy Fiber in!



TrimSpice® is a Delicious Food Seasoning Blend Featuring

the Benefits of...

 Metabolism-Boosting Thermogenic Spices & Matcha Green Tea,


A Blend of Prebiotic Soluble Fiber & Insoluble Dietary Fiber

which may help absorb dietary fat, improve digestion and elimination.

TrimSpice ®

TrimSpice® was Designed to Benefit us in 4 Ways...

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Do Meals that are Richer in Flavor, Warmth & Fiber Satisfy your Appetite Sooner & Longer?

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.