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My dietician recommended egg whites with spinach for breakfast for faster weight loss, but I told her “no-way could I ever eat that!” but when I added TrimSpice to the egg whites before cooking them, and a bit of low calorie butter to top it, I couldn’t believe how great it tastes!  I now love scrambled egg whites with baby spinach and portabella mushrooms, cheese and onions every morning and my weight loss has been very consistent!



My wife got a few sample jars for herself, but I loved the explosion of warm, schmaltzy and a hint of sweet coming together... it makes small portions of food 10x more satisfying. When I eat diet food I eat too much cause I’m not satisfied, so I started using trim spice, and lost 8 lbs in a month. When I eat small meals I feel like I just ate a feast with this stuff.



I want to eat healthier but sometimes healthy food lacks flavor.  I love the kick it adds to my food, and the way it gives me a warm sensation after eating food with it. The warmness lasts for hours, so 2 hours after I eat I sometimes feel like I just ate. My favorite place to use it is on my

homemade pita-pizzas.  It really brings life to the taste of red sauce!



Can you make travel packets of this stuff? I am sooo addicted!









My kids refused to eat their vegetables until they tried them seasoned with TrimSpice!  Now they eat them up!









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